Who we are

  • We are a passionate team based in central Auckland

  • The team comprises Senior Systems Engineers, Solutions Architects and Developers

  • We are all seasoned IT veterans and possess extensive depth of technical expertise

  • We’re methodical, thorough and utterly customer focused whilst being skilled at strategic planning and implementation of key deliverables with impressive, quantifiable results

What we care about – Quality

We care about what our customers care about … Quality, Service & Value

We wouldn’t have a business without delivering exceptional quality services and solutions. Every service offering must adhere to our rigorous standards of stability, scalability, high performance, high availability, flexibility and robust enough to warrant being production ready. We practice continuous improvement with solution enhancements and upgrades to services and features … ensuring the best performance outcome for the end customer

We believe that quality is:

  • We define quality as a total experience of doing business with us … quality of the service we provide is measured in service availability, stability and performance of the service

  • It all starts with quality people … highly skilled technical experts who are always striving to better themselves technically and professionally

  • Quality is delivering secure services … a perpetual quest to maintain and improve on possible Cyber Security threats

  • Quality  is ensuring the customer has available services. Up-time is a key metric and we deliver between 99.95% and 99.99% availability exceeding the industry standard of 99.9%

  • Quality is ensuring accuracy of our administrative back end … billing, inventory controls and discipline to maintain accuracy and currency of customer information

What we care about – Service

We strive to provide unrelenting customer service – above and beyond is what we do, not the exception

We believe that quality service is:

  • Answering the phone immediately – always

  • Demonstrating urgency with any customer operational issues – always

  • The ability to discuss support, products & services with the engineers who built, developed and manage our services … speak with experts who know our environment inside and out

  • Doing what we say we’re going to do – delivering on commitments and managing customer expectations

  • Starts with operational excellence and that operational excellence starts with high performing, highly availability services

  • Making it easy to do business with us – being flexible and agile enough to cater for out of the box requests

  • Taking ownership of customer challenges and being accountable for seeing those through to completion

What we care about – Value

Value underpins all service designs … solutions must provide a value proposition and be cost effective for the end customer

We believe that value is:

  • Keeping close to the customer, understanding customer businesses and their direction enabling value add service

  • Delivering cost effective, vendor agnostic, flexible services and innovative solutions

  • Building high performance, modestly priced services leveraging open source solutions wherever possible and passing those savings onto customers

  • Doing the right thing by the customer … that often includes free consultations

  • Always performing with unyielding integrity and confidentiality



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