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Virtual Private Servers (VPS)

A Virtual Private Server (also known as a Virtual Server or Virtual Machine (MV) are servers that are independent of the physical underlying host Server

The host Server has been partitioned to create multiple Virtual Servers all operating with their own independent Operating System and dedicated memory as if it was its own dedicated physical server

Our VPS servers perform equally as well as a stand-alone server, they have their own root access, can be rebooted and managed independently and all system components operate as you’d expect from a physical Server

Enterprise Class Hardware

Powerful best of breed hardware specifications with fault tolerant components. Customise your VPS performance with the choice of very high end Intel Xeon CPU’s and DDR4 Memory

Solid State Drives (SSD’s)

Enterprise class SSD’s provide great IO performance for your Server workloads. Both Intel NVMe and SATA SSD’s available with custom capacity

High Availability Infrastructure

Our Infrastructure has been built to provide high availability services and achieve the best possible uptime for customers. Our Ceph Software Defined Storage Clusters have no single point of failure, Servers provide automatic failover to an alternative node in the unlikely event of a significant failure and Networks have carrier diversity with backhaul and device resilience

24/7 Support

Around the clock monitoring and emergency support ensures your Servers are being alerted on should any issue arise

99.95% Uptime

We guarantee our Infrastructure will be available 99.95% of the time

Snapshots & Managed Backups

Live snapshot feature provides a valuable roll-back option for your Server changes whilst we manage your daily backups

Advanced Security

Engage us for custom security hardening on your Servers and applications


No data usage caps or bandwidth limitations, no restrictions on storage IOPS and full root access with SSH as standard with unlimited server management and support options available

Free Setup

No charges for Server builds, configuration or migrations

Add On’s

Tons of optional extras to add to your VPS experience. Choose from control panel tools, resource management tools and monitoring tools

Cost Effective

No capital investment in physical assets. No contracts, pay as you go computing


Our VPS’s are highly scalable and easily upgraded so only pay for the compute requirements you need and upgrade as required


Enterprise class, high performance Server hardware and SSD’s providing dedicated computing resources

High Availability

Built to be resilient to hardware failures


Built to your specs and budget … customised to meet your application demands

No Maintenance

We do all the heavy lifting, upgrades and maintenance

Security, Privacy & Control

Customised security per Server, you’re in complete control with root or admin access

Managed Backups

Avoid the challenge of maintaining your own backup solution

What can I use a VPS Server for?

Your VPS is a blank canvas, yours to deploy whatever you like. We have no restrictions or technical limitations on what you can use your Server for

Here are a few common use cases:

  • Line of business applications

  • File Server … unstructured data or backups

  • Database Server … MySQL, Microsoft SQL, Oracle

  • Development Server … test, dev, staging, pre-prod

  • Web Server … development, hosting, web apps

  • Voice … VoIP PBX or VoIP reporting services

  • Desktop virtualisation

  • Email hosting

  • Firewall Server

  • Monitoring & reporting services

  • Projects & management workflows

  • VPN Server

VPS Inclusions & Custom Options

Each Server is entirely customisable … you can upgrade anytime so why pay for more than you need to start with

The following table highlights our VPS compute & management options:

Self Managed

Part Managed

Fully Managed

CPU Cores Number Number Number
Memory (GB) Size Size Size
Solid State Drives SSD (GB) Size Size Size
IP Addresses Number Number Number
No Contracts
Security – Standard
Monitoring – Standard
Backups – Standard
Unlimited Data Traffic & Bandwidth
Unlimited IOPS
Admin / Root access
High Availability
Operating System Linux or Windows
Provisioning & Configuration
Hardware Maintenance
NZ Location
Patching & Updates
Security – Advanced
Server Administration
DNS Management
Cold Storage Data Archive (1 TB)
24/7 Managed Server
Server Migration (in-bound)
Monitoring – Advanced
Backups – Advanced
Application Support
Activity Management Reports

   LXC Containers

If you’re not familiar with Containerisation then we’ll happily provide a recommendation if Containers are a good fit for your applications compared to a VPS

There are different use cases for VPS vs Containers and given Virtualisation and Containers are complementary (as opposed to competing technologies) it’s prudent to review what fits best for your requirements. To muddy the waters even further we also provision Containers inside VM’s where it makes sense

Containerised applications share the operating system kernel with the other containers. They are typically lightweight, requiring minimal compute resource and because they don’t have their own OS they’re very fast to load

Containers are highly portable and offer the best density on a hardware to application ratio … this delivers great scalability and ensures they’re a viable proposition particularly with application development. They are quick to deploy and their small footprint means they’re a cost effective alternative to a dedicated VPS

Virtualisation demonstrated that a whole Server is not required to run a single application

Containers demonstrate you don’t require a whole Operating System for each application

Dedicated Bare Metal Servers

STROBE can customise your own dedicated rack mount server solution, tailored to meet your specific mission critical workloads

Bare metal Servers are Cloud ready to host your own Private or Hybrid Cloud … customers select hardware specifications according to their compute requirements

We provide the Network stack, security configuration, monitoring, backups and IPMI but we can also help configure your Server to a production ready state

Standard Inclusions

Custom Options

  • Networking

  • Security hardening

  • Monitoring

  • Managed Backups

  • Unlimited data traffic

  • Static IP addresses

  • Provisioning & free setup

  • Datacentre hosting facilities

  • CPU … Intel Xeon CPU generation, clock speed & core count

  • Memory … RAM capacity & speed

  • Storage & Controllers … NVMe or SATA SSD’s, HDD, RAID, Ceph SDS

  • Virtualisation … KVM & Proxmox, OpenStack, VMware ESXi, Hyper-V

  • Monitoring … complete tech stack, security & applications

  • Backups … managed backups with custom retention periods

  • Operating System … Linux distro or Windows Server OS

  • Management … full or partial expert Server management

   Our High Availability Compute Clusters

Our Infrastructure is 100% owned, built and operated by us. Our fault tolerant storage is built with no single points of failure, Networks include diverse carriers, a 40Gbps redundant core and Servers are deployed on high availability clusters with automated fail-over

Our self-healing HA clusters are built for maximum uptime, exceptional reliability, and consistently high performance

Asset life-cycle, hardware maintenance, upgrades and patching are all critical to delivering reliable services … we have built our clusters to cater for scheduled maintenance and planned outages without disrupting customer services

We’ve selected the following best of breed technologies to build & deliver our services & solutions

Our Datacentres

Our Infrastructure is housed in racks at an Auckland based Data Centre with secondary Data Centre’s in Sydney and Hamilton serving some Australian customers and providing Disaster Recovery services

Data Centre features

  • Tier 3+ grade facilities

  • N+1 & 2N resilience with A & B power feeds from diverse substations

  • Network carrier neutral connected to multiple upstream network providers

  • UPS & backup diesel generators with redundant cooling

  • 24/7 staffed security, access controls & biometrics

  • Fire Detection & Suppression Systems


Absolutely. Talk to us about your Windows server options

Yes, all VPS, containers, dedicated servers are provided with root access

We can provide you with cPanel, Plesk, Cloud Linux control panel utilities or you are welcome to install your own

Sure can. We have specialist and highly qualified Linux and Windows engineers who can manage all or part of your servers for you. Give us a call about management options and eliminate the administrative overhead of managing your own server fleet

We use Ceph for primary storage clusters. We’ve been running Ceph for several years and believe it to be in a class of its own for performance, reliability, scalability and self-healing capabilities.

We love the flexibility, customisability and reliability of Open Source. Customers obviously love the performance and reliability but also the cost savings

That is entirely up to you … there are no restrictions on any specific OS

We provide custom backup schedules and backup retention periods. Best to discuss your requirements with us but rest assured we’re super flexible with backup options

Service Portfolio       

Multiple Services, 1 Service Provider … how can we help you today?


Run your business apps and IT services from our VPS, Dedicated or Container Servers. Host your Servers on best of breed Hypervisor, Storage & High Availability Server Infrastructure. Cost effective, custom specifications and scalable on demand

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HA Clusters

All compute services are delivered from our own High Availability clusters in Auckland. Our HA clusters are built for availability, reliability, scalability and performance. Our Infrastructure is 100% owned, built and operated by us

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Platform as a Service (PaaS)

Test, Dev, Pre-Prod, Staging, UAT, QA … whatever your phase of the development lifecycle host your apps on our Platform as a Service (PaaS) and / or Database as a Service (DBaaS) Clusters. Focus on development without having to manage the underlying Infrastructure and middleware

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Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS)

Cost effective, high availability, scalable Infrastructure on demand. Our Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) offering eliminates capital investment and operational overhead, is fully customisable and super secure with amazing performance

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Containers are highly portable and offer the best density on a hardware to application ratio … this delivers great scalability and ensures they’re a viable proposition particularly with application development

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Storage as a Service (StaaS)

Enterprise Block, Object & File Storage built on high performance fault tolerant Storage clusters for your Servers, Databases and everyday business Storage requirements

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IT Managed Services & Operations Management

STROBE’s proactive IT Managed Services provides fixed cost, guaranteed resource availability and “all you can eat” IT management with unlimited scope options – reach out to STROBE, your experts for IT Managed Services

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Strategic Management

Owners of your IT leadership and strategic management. Valued partners for solution architecture design, service delivery, IT cost out opportunities and overall strategic direction 

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About Us

Check out a bit about who we are and what we care about, our values, technologies and datacentres

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Consultancy & Project Management

IT Consulting, Project and Programme Management expertise for your next IT project. Also offering consultancy for LEAN Six Sigma, IT licensing, auditing, PCI and IT industry compliance 

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IT Operations & Support

For all your IT operations, systems administration, Infrastructure management, end user client support, maintenance break / fix, systems integration and networking requirements

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Lifecycle Management 

Our IT infrastructure and asset lifecycle programme management includes asset refresh, firmware upgrades, version controls, patching schedules and functionality enhancements for all hardware, software, platforms, appliances and toolsets. Call us today and avoid a situation where your business is hamstrung by legacy systems that haven’t been maintained or upgraded 

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Change Management 

Disciplined, mature IT Change Management eliminates human error which is the number 1 reason for IT failures. Adopt a change control process and avoid unnecessary disruption from failed changes

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Internet Service Provider

Fast, reliable, UFB Fibre Broadband and dedicated, uncontended Business grade Fibre Internet circuits. All links are monitored and include unlimited data, no contracts, no install charge, no shaping and plenty of optional extras

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Managed Networks & Firewalls

Network design, build, integration, monitoring and management services for LAN, WAN, Firewalls, Routers, WiFi, VPN’s, Load balancing, Proxy and Content Management. Specialist Managed Network service for customers who value performance, traffic optimisation and robust network security

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Wide Area Networks

Multi-site inter-connectivity providing private, dedicated, layer 3 WAN services. Best in class networking performance for your site locations

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VoIP & Cloud PBX

Our Enterprise grade Cloud PBX services offer high performance, amazing quality, secure, reliable Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) communications. Super flexible calling and call routing options to suit every business size and Voice requirements 

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Email Hosting

Email services rivalling Office 365 functionality with all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a modern Email solution. Plenty of configuration options from our secure, high availability hosted Email service

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Phone Numbers 

New or existing local, regional or international phone numbers and free-call numbers available with custom phone number selection. Significant cost savings and numerous VoIP end point options available from IP handsets, Softphones, SIP on cell phone and analogue telephone adapters to choose from

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Cyber Security

Check out our Cyber Security offerings and why this is important to your business. Everything from Security and risk assessments, Security breach remediation and vulnerability scanning from perimeter to end points. Chat to us on how we manage, monitor, report & maintain security operations

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Virtual Private Networks (VPN)

Still the most secure, cost effective and seamless method for external remote access to internally (or externally) hosted business resources. We provide robust Virtual Private Network as a Service (VPNaaS) gateways providing secure, encrypted VPN tunnels for always on site-to-site VPN’s or on demand client based VPN access

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SSL Certificates

A must have for any website. Protect your website, improve customer perception and increase customer visitation with SSL encryption. Get yourself a cost effective certificate today 

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Network & Perimeter Security

Network security is a vital component of your overall Cyber Security posture. Not just Internet and perimeter but internal Local Area Networks (LAN’s) … have a chat to us about our Managed Firewall and Managed Networks & Security services to safeguard your IT assets, data and intellectual property

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Web Design & Development 

Custom website design and development including mobile responsive and eCommerce built on modern Open Source PHP frameworks with Content Management Systems (CMS). Also offering Website performance optimisation, repairs, maintenance, security, CMS training and cosmetic content changes

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Web Hosting 

World class, high performance Web Hosting on our High Availability Cluster with industry leading cPanel or Plesk control panel options. Flexible, cost effective, managed or unmanaged hosting plans to choose from with plenty of bundled extras

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Domain Names

A domain name will instantly make your business appear more professional, trustworthy and add credibility. Endless domain name extensions to choose from. Domain registration includes unlimited DNS changes and support. Speak to us today about registering your new domain name

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Business Continuity & Disaster Recovery (BC/DR)

Despite the threat of natural disasters and significant business disruption, BC / DR is something NZ business is yet to fully embrace. We provide IT risk consultancy and BC / DR solutions to ensure your downtime is eliminated or minimised and business operations are restored quickly

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Our Cloud Backup as a Service (BaaS) eliminates capital expenditure on backup Infrastructure and avoids the administrative headaches of managing backups. Backup data is housed on our High Availability clusters, is replicated to a secondary Datacentre and all backup solutions receive custom scheduling, custom data retention periods and data restore testing as standard

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