ISP & Networks

  • Fibre Internet Services with unlimited data

  • No contracts, no minimum term, no install charges

  • Business grade High Speed Network Services (HSNS) & uncontended UFB

  • Managed Networks & Firewalls

  • Wide Area Networks (WAN’s)

  • Network design, monitoring & management

  • VDSL & ADSL copper circuits

Internet Service Provider (ISP)

STROBE provide Fibre Internet Services with unlimited data, no contracts and no minimum term

STROBE provides Internet data circuits for business … whether you’re looking for a fibre connection or uncontended business grade Internet – we’ve got you covered

All STROBE Internet connections are monitored 24/7 and because we’re an Internet Service Provider for businesses only you’ll always get immediate support without being stuck in those painful queues … unlike the large ISP’s

We don’t lock you into a minimum term contract, we don’t charge for installation, we don’t cap data usage, we don’t throttle speed … no restrictions at all, just clean, country wide Ultra-Fast Fibre as it should be

We manage fibre installations end to end from provisioning to install and circuit activation this ensures a seamless delivery for customers with one single point of contact – us

Fibre customers can choose their preferred bandwidth and we provide recommendations based on your business size and Internet requirements

If fibre hasn’t been provisioned in your area as yet then we offer copper broadband alternatives … VDSL and ADSL

If you’re a business customer looking for a reliable, stable & fast Internet connection then give us a call today to discuss your options

Internet Features & Options

UFB Fibre



Bandwidth (Mbps) Up to 950 Up to 50 Up to 20
Business Grade Firewall
VDSL Router ADSL Router
Static IP Address
Unlimited Data
No Contracts or minimum term
No installation charges
No traffic shaping / throttling
Monitored connection
Managed Firewall Optional add on Optional add on Optional add on
Managed VPN Optional add on Optional add on Optional add on
Internet Redundancy (HA) Optional add on Optional add on Optional add on
Internet Proxy Server Optional add on Optional add on Optional add on
Internet Content Management Optional add on Optional add on Optional add on

Business Grade Internet Circuits

For businesses with extra high data volume and dedicated high speed Internet requirements we recommend discussing our business grade Internet services

Offering committed information rates (CIR’s), dedicated bandwidth with no contention or congestion … our business grade circuits are the way to go for guaranteed download and upload speed

A consistent high speed business grade, pure Internet link is perfect for larger Internet data volumes, latency sensitive applications, video conferencing and enhancing your business productivity

Offering both High Speed Network Services (HSNS) and uncontended UFB Fibre Broadband – these services provide the best in performance and reliability with plenty of capacity should you ever require an upgrade

     Business Grade Internet Features

  • Unlimited data

  • No contracts or minimum term

  • No installation charges

  • No traffic shaping

  • Exceptional performance

  • Dedicated, uncontended bandwidth

  • Network Activity Management Reports

  • DDoS Protection

  • Monitored connection

  • Static IP Address

All business grade circuits receive a feature rich firewall appliance packed with security options to secure your Network perimeter

Call us today & start experiencing Internet performance like you’ve never experienced it before

Managed Networks & Firewalls

STROBE’s Managed Networks & Firewall service is aimed at customers who value Network performance, traffic optimisation and robust Network Security to reduce risk and maintain secure, reliable, optimised connectivity

We ensure your business local and wide area networked sites are performing to their capability, network and voice traffic is optimised and the perimeter well monitored and protected

Managed Networks & Firewalls includes solution design, installation, configuration, monitoring, maintenance, upgrades, management and reporting. Additionally, our Managed Firewall service provides pro-active event monitoring, threat detection and response management to safeguard against Cyber threats

Our Managed Networks & Firewalls offering includes monitoring & management of the following devices & solutions:

    • Routers

    • Switches

    • Firewalls

    • VPN’s

    • Load Balancing

    • DMZ

    • WiFi & Controllers

    • Proxy

    • Content Management

    • Remote Access

    • IPS & IDS

    • WAN Acceleration

    • LAN & WAN Management

    • Network Design

    • Device Backups

    • Device Lifecycle

    • Circuit & device resilience

    • Comms room management

      Is your business heavily dependent on WiFi connectivity?

      We come across a lot of sub-par WiFi deployments that just haven’t been designed effectively to meet business requirements

      Its wishful thinking to just install a bunch of Access Points and trust it will do the job … have a chat with us about your WiFi challenges and how we’d transform your WiFi into LAN performance levels

      Our technical expertise in Networks & Security include industry certifications in Cisco, Checkpoint, Juniper, CISSP, MikroTik, Ubiquiti & we’re currently up-skilling on Software Defined Networking (SDN)

      Wide Area Networks

      Does your business have multiple physical site locations? … have a chat to us about our Wide Area Network (WAN) Management

      We deliver and manage multi-site inter-connectivity providing a private, dedicated WAN ensuring best in class Networking performance for your business locations

      WAN’s include layer 3 networking with custom CIR’s, backhaul redundancy and dynamic class of service

      Customers are provided with all their WAN connections, devices, ongoing management and reporting wrapped up into one single monthly charge

      Submarine Cable Map


      No – there is no restrictions, rate limiting, throttling or data caps

      If your business has fibre already available then its relatively quick … typically 1-2 weeks max

      If you already have an existing fibre connection then it’s just a few days. We manage all installs to ensure it’s a smooth transition

      We provide you with a business grade router / firewall that is managed, monitored and packed full of security features. We do not deploy residential grade hardware

      We proactively monitor all customer services … our dashboards pickup any issues immediately so we can provide immediate assistance & troubleshooting. Monitoring is a value added service that we do not charge extra for Internet links

      WiFi is typically included with an ISP link – however, we’d determine your requirements and design an appropriate solution based on several key metrics … this is to ensure your business WiFi is high performing, robust and have the right mix of density, coverage and performance required

      We’d obviously have your service restored asap but we do provide diverse secondary links both over fibre from alternative carriers or cellular based. These are configured for redundancy with automated failover

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      Multiple Services, 1 Service Provider … how can we help you today?


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